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Yachting is defined as the recreational sailing or boating in an expensive vessel which can be used for cruising or racing.

The Yachting history goes back to 17th century when the manufacturing of custom built racing Yachts started in England. The yacht racing started in around in 1851, with the beginning of the America's Cup and after that the yacht racing started to develop with the advancement of various classes of racing yachts, from small dinghies to the big maxi yachts.

There are various kinds of racing yachts; however they can generally be classified into the larger yachts and smaller yachts. The larger ones are equipped with modem day facilities for extended voyages whereas the smaller harbor racing craft such as dinghies and skiff are not generally called as yachts don’t contain these types of facilities. The yacht racing and dinghy racing are two common types of water sports which are popular especially in developed nations and where there are favorable wind conditions and access to reasonably sized bodies of water are available. Mostly the yacht sailing is carried out in salt water, but smaller craft can be and are raced on lakes and even large rivers.

The smaller sized Yachting dinghy races are carried on sheltered water. The most common arrangement for this kind of yacht racing is the sloop, a boat with one mast. There are also some dinghies with only one triangular sail, but majority has two configured as a sloop. In larger yacht racing the participating yachts have a spinnaker each which is a large bulging sail designed for sailing with the wind. In general, the races are conducted between vessels of identical design also known as one design yachting race. The winner in this kind of yacht racing is the team of those sailors who sailors who were able to make best use of the conditions.

The large sized yachts are also used in harbor racing. However, the most esteemed yacht races are point to point long distance races in the open ocean. The hostile weather conditions make even finishing such races a considerable test of equipment and willpower. There are very large events organized in this category of yachting sailing which involves round the world races which require months to get completed. one such world famous event is called as the Fastnet race in Britain and in Sydney. The other one is named as the Hobart Yacht Racing which is organized along the east coast of Australia. The Large yacht races are commonly organized with a first past the post trophy called as the line honors and under a handicap system which adjusts finishing times for the relative speeds of the design of the boat.

The yacht sailing also has a commercial uses in the field of commercial fishing, military applications and shipping of goods. Cruising involves traveling on a boat, whether across a bay on the Great Lakes or from island to island in the South Pacific. A safe Tuscany vacation yachting experience across long distances requires a degree of self sufficiency and a wide range of skills beyond handling the boat. the good knowledge regarding topics such as navigation, meteorology, mechanical and electrical systems, radio, first aid, sea survival, nutrition and more are needed and can be life saving when cruising to distant shores.

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