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Skimboarding is a water sport which is very similar to surfing taking place near the shore. Also known as skimming, it is board sport, where skimboard, which is a smaller, sleeker version of a surfboard, is used to ride on an incoming wave. But unlike surfing, skimming begins on the beach. The participant runs with the board, and drops it onto the thin wash of previous waves. Then using their momentum, they try to ‘skim’ out to breaking waves.

Another interesting aspect of skimboarding is 'flatland' which involves performing tricks derived from skateboarding. As there are many possibilities for riding the waves, this is what makes skimboarding a really interesting water sport.

Skimboarding has a rich history, going back over 60 years ago. Today the round wood boards have evolved into a highly competitive water sport. Skimboarding has become so much more than just "that thing you do on the sand". Modern skimming has evolved into a "real" sport where the limits are being tested by some of the best board riders on the planet.

You will find two main types of skim boards- inland or flatland boards, and fiberglass or wave boards. While the Inland boards are made of wood, modern skim boards are made of fiberglass. or carbon fiber. The high density foam serves as a core and becomes stiff when saturated with resin. When this fiberglass or carbon fiber is laid over a shaped piece of foam, saturated with resin and left to cure, a skimboard is born. They vaguely resemble surfboards. About half the length, half the thickness, and slightly wider, they have no skegs unlike surfboards. They require a lot of practice to be able to control as they are much less stable. So many things can be done on a skim board that cannot be done on a surfboard.

Like all other sports, it is important to get aware on different types of dangers that skim boarders can face. It is not uncommon to see different mishaps like fractures, twisted ankles, bruises or dislocations of the lower limbs. Some may require serious medical attention too. As skimboarding is usually practiced in shallow water, so drowning amongst them is not as likely. Another foot injury that can occur is "Skimboard Toe” developed from overuse. It can eventually break your toe, tarsal, or metatarsal.

The prime locations for skimming are said to be located in Southern California, where it originated in the first place. Offering the best conditions in the world for skimboarding, you will find skim boarders flocking to this destination. However, people skim in many more locations across the world, like Portugal, France, Australia, Asia, and South America.

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