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Tips for Foreigners Looking for a Scuba Instructor Job in Australia

Australia is endowed with many natural destinations that are suitable for scuba diving. No doubt, the country attracts a great number of tourists who wants to enjoy its beautiful beaches, hospitality and diverse culture. Australia enjoys temperate weather for the largest part of the year, making tourism a major income earner for the government. Some of the famous scuba diving destinations that attract large numbers of tourists include the Queensland East Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sunshine Coast, the New South Wales, Sydney, Ningaloo Reef, South Coast, HMAS Hobart, Rapid Bay, Kangaroo Islands and Port Noarlunga Jetty among others. Among all these destinations, the Great Barrier Reef attracts most of the visitors all year round.

Given the numerous destinations all over Australia, there is need for scuba diving instructors. A great number of foreigners are willing to relocate to Australia to take up these jobs due to its strong economy. In addition, the country also lacks enough skilled workers to take up employment opportunities. The government has also actively encouraged migration of skilled workers into the country to contribute to the growth of the economy. For those hoping to migrate to Australia and work as scuba instructors, below are some tips that will come in handy.


To become an instructor, you must be a rescue, open water and advanced diver. If you only have a dive master certificate, you must undertake an open water instructor course that can cost about AU$4500 dollars. This is not inclusive of your own equipment that cost about AU$2000. You also must show that you have at least 100 logged dives, and the current first aid certificate. To be allowed to take up a job as a scuba instructor, you must also have a current medical certificate, which ascertains that you are physically fit to undertake the task. It is very important to have a substantial number of dives, so that you can show the students only the good habits associated with diving.


It is a bit difficult for foreigners to find permanent work as scuba diving instructors in Australia as the country has a substantial number. At first, you will get short-term work and especially during the peak season, which mainly falls between May and September when the demand is at the peak. You must have a native command of the English language and other foreign languages, such as Japanese and Germany are considered an added advantage. It is important to take up these short term jobs as they help you in gaining the necessary experience and build your resume.


To find work as a scuba operator in Australia, you must ensure that all your travel documents are in order. There are many pathways that an individual can use to immigrate to Australia. However, choosing the right one is very critical to ensure success of the application and to secure a job upon arrival. One of the most ideal ways to do this is using a migration agent because they will assess your current qualifications and recommend the right path to migrate to Australia. The Australian government has four major visa streams including humanitarian migration stream, skilled migration stream ( learn about skilled visas here) , business migration stream and family migration stream that all allow for permanent residence. A migration agent has an immigration lawyer who will advise you on the best visa option that will boost your chances of finding a job. In addition, an immigration lawyer will also handle all the necessary legal paperwork, making this process much easier.

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