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Parasailing is defined as the recreational activity in which a person attached to a special kind of parachute called parasail is towed behind a boat or a vehicle. The boat drives off, carrying the par ascender into the air. Sometimes, a comparatively more powerful engine operated boat is used in case parasailing is to be done by there are two or three people at one time. This sport is also known as Para ascending. It is important to note here that the para ascender has little or no control over the parachute.

The parasail, parachute which is used to lift a person up into the air when it is towed by a motorboat or a car has six parts. The harness is used to bind the pilot to the parasail, which is connected to the boat, or land vehicle with the help of a toe rope. The parasailing is mainly meant for having a fun ride and it should not be confused with the sport of paragliding. However, there are commercial parasailing operations happening all over the world but for fun purpose only.

The parasailing can be water based as well as land based. There are sports competitions for land based parasailing in Europe. In land based competition parasailing, the parasail is towed behind by a vehicle and then the tow line is released and the parachute gets flied down to a target area in an accuracy competition. The sport was invented in 1980's and has been very popular ever since. The first international competitions were held in the mid 80's and continue to run today.

Here is some information regarding parasail canopy and equipment inventions. Pierre Marcel Lemoigne was the man behind the development of the first ever towed parachutes in 1961. He is famous for developing ParaCommander or PC-canopies which are typoe of free fall parachutes. In 1974, Brian Gaskin designed, created and tested the first custom made parasail which was a 16-gore canopy design known as the water bird. The Waterbird was revolutionary in its canopy design, its unique tow yoke harness arrangement its construction and the use of zero porosity fabrics which allowed it to be used over water safely.

The next is some information regarding the development of parasail equipments. Mark McCulloh of Miami, Florida is considered to be the original inventor of modern day parasailing equipment. He developed the first ever stationary parasailing platform in 1971. He really worked very hard and his innovations, inventions and accomplishments in the field of parasailing are broad in scope with a focus on improving the safety of parasailing through equipment design.

The main types of parasailing are described below:

Single harness: This is the most common type of parasailing and is meant for a single person only.

Double harness: Two persons can enjoy parasailing together, one in the front of other.

Tandem bar harness: A metal bar is used in this type of parasailing which is hooked to the seats, one next to the other, possible to the three people. Skyrider chair: A special kind of arrangement to accommodate more than three persons.

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