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Live-aboard diving is the best way to visit hard to dive reefs and wrecks in a way that is relaxing and pleasant. Most live-aboard dive boats offer between three and five dives per day, often including night dives. Crews make their money in tips so they provide exceptional service. The crew work long hours to insure every customer is well cared for. They lead dives, fill tanks, serve meals, process film, brief dives, teach classes and, when weather or conditions make diving unsafe, they entertain the customers in any way possible.

When you return from a dive, all you do is take off your gear, shower and head for the salon, sun deck or camera room. The crew fill your tanks and make sure you are good to go for the next dive. If you are diving on Nitrox, they will fill your tanks, but each diver must check the O2 level in their tanks.

Meals on live-aboard dive boats are a culinary delight. Reputable dive operations like Worldwide Dive & Sail or Aqua Cat hire world-class chefs that cater to specific tastes of the customers. This includes both special requests for favorite foods and food allergies. Snacks, fruit and other delights are available between meals. Rooms are space-efficient and luxurious. They are cleaned and serviced on a daily basis.

Live-aboard dive boats also cater to the non-diver or to those who choose not to participate in every dive. Frequently snorkeling, sunbathing on the beach, fishing and other activities are available, in addition to a well-stocked library of books and movies.

Sinbad Scuba works closely with Worldwide Dive & Sail to insure all requirements of each diver are met to the fullest. Please contact Jeff ([email protected]) to see the best location, schedule and boat for your trip.

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