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Lawyers Protect You and Your Yacht Investment

If you are in the market for buying a prime boat or yacht, please be aware that there are many issues which need addressing before our clients sign on the dotted line of the sales contract.

Issues involving buying the right vessel, buying a custom built boat, buying your boat from a dealer, your individual lifestyle, and budget, second hand purchasing, titles, unregistered boat scenarios, buying a boat outside or inside the Europe Union, joint and multiple ownerships, insurances, title searches, surveys of the boat before purchasing and the boat is seaworthy safe. Financing and moorings are all large issues that need a thorough examination in depth by our experienced yacht lawyers.

Most people do not have the time, energy or knowledge to check into all of these issues before making the purchase. This is where our company comes into play. We do all the searching and clearing of the sale before our client signs off on a purchase. We make sure everything is in place and legal so that our clients do not run into problems after they make the final sale.

It makes no difference to us the reason the client is buying a boat, whether it be for commercial or for private use, if our client is an experienced, seasoned seaman or a newbie to boat life. We give our clients the go ahead to buy and they can sleep at night knowing that all issues of purchase are checked and in place.

Lawyers can take care of the complex legal requirements, contractual laws and issues. They help research boat sales before clients commit to a large monetary investment. They makes sure clients have protection at each turn.

They make sure that the vessel has met the Boat Safety Scheme standards, that the client receives a valid certificate of compliance, indemnity by the builder of the vessel, MCA Codes of Practice, Recreational Craft Directives and CE marked assuring the buyer of compliance.

Qualified and knowledgeable lawyers makes sure their clients become involved in a shabby transaction, or their clients make simple verbal contracts. They stress to their clients how dangerous it is to make verbal offers versus a written offer and what problems can arise.

They inform their clients what they include in their contracts and that they cover all matters legal. Issues such as a listed inventory of the vessel, the seller has liability insurance, legal negotiations for price and down payments or deposits, and if the client is buying from a yacht broker. They make sure the broker carries accreditation through a reputable organization. They make sure the buyer has all mooring, taxes and duty fees paid.

As a last step for their clients, they handle all Builders' Certificate, Bill of Sales, handle negotiations towards preparing a sales agreement on their client's behalf. If is beneficial to anyone purchasing a costly yacht to meet with their peace of mind, financial and legal security.

Contact Yachting Lawyers in your area, if you are in Brisbane and Gold Coast area, make sure you contact Quinn and Scattini, and rest assured there is no obligation for just checking how they can service a client's yacht buying needs whether buying outside or inside the EU. They can help clients avoid mistakes that can cost a lot of money.

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