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The act of hunting for fish or fishes is known as fishing. It is one of the oldest practices and dates back to centuries ago with various techniques and traditions which now have been transformed by modern technological developments. Fishing remains the one of the favorite pastimes of many around the world. The survey conducted in United States of America revealed that in US, majority of its population spent more time on fishing than any other eater based activity or sport. Freshwater fishing is the most popular type of fishing with over 28 million anglers devoting their time into it.

Types of Fishing:

Line Fishing: This type of fishing techniques is also known as angling. It is the most common form of fishing for those who take fishing as their hobby. In this kind of fishing, a simple fishing rod is used and fisherman holds a fishing line with a hook on the end. The fisherman tries to get the fish to bite the hook by placing lures near the hook so that it gets caught. Another form of this type of line fishing is known as trolling. This method is often used when fishing for big game fish such as marlin and tuna. There is another variation and is known as long line fishing, which includes hundreds or thousands of baited hooks on one fishing line. This technique is most commonly used in commercial fishing.

Hand Fishing: It is type of fishing which involves the use of hands, although hand line fishing also falls under this category. With hand line fishing, a fishing line containing weights and a lure may also be used. Whereas, hand fishing is typically used in lobster diving and pearl diving. When hand fishing is used to fish for catfish it is called as noodling and when used to catch trout it is referred as trout tickling.

Bow Fishing: It involves the use of a bow while standing above the water to shoot the fish with a spear. In older times, spears were supplied power entirely by hand, but in modern times, specialized equipments are used to power the spear so that it moves more quickly and work more efficiently.

Dredging: This form of fishing involves a fisherman towing a chain mesh behind a fishing boat in order to scoop up sea life from the seabed. This type of fishing is typically used to capture oysters and scallops.

Kite fishing: This type of fishing involves binding the fishing line to a kite to catch fishes. This form is mostly practiced by those fishermen who don’t have boats. It is also suitable for fishing in those areas where a boat cannot safely navigate.

Safety Tips While Fishing:

Here are some tips for safety while fishing. Let us have a quick look:

1. While in a boat and fishing, you should wear a life safety life jacket.
2. Exercise caution while baiting and removing hooks.
3. It is safe not to fish on unauthorized waterways.
4. You should always adhere to given guidelines regarding fishing in particular area.
5. You should carry with you the extra safety items such as water, flashlights, maps, and a cell phone or radio.
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