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Boating is one of the most popular sporting and recreational activity involving traveling by boat, or the use of boats of different kinds for traveling purpose and as sports activities like fishing or boat racing as well. It is a very popular activity around the world.

There are many types of boats such as sailboats, power boats or simply yachts. The recreational boating is done through different boats which are also known as pleasure craft, especially if used for or other than sporting activities. Boats used for boating are divided into many categories and subcategories. The broad boats are such as dinghies which are powered by small engines and paddle sports boats like kayaks, rowing shells, canoes and daysailers frequently with a small auxiliary engine cruisers powerboats with cabins, and cruising and racing sailboats.

There are new ways of enjoying water sports being discovered. As a result of which, there are many kinds of varying boating activities depending on the boats and boaters who participate. Let us have a more detailed look at the some of the main types of boats and boating activities below:

Paddle Sports: It includes boating in swift waters like in lakes and rivers etc. The most common type of boats are canoes because of their capacity and efficiency on the water. Also, these are easy to transport or carry. Other popular boats in this boating category are kayaks and rowing craft. Kayaks are found on calm inland waters and along the coasts in the oceans. And rowing craft are very much popular for fishing purpose and as a boat for competitive sport.

Sailing: This boating activity can either be a water sport in form of a competitive boat racing with a dinghy or it can be for recreational purpose only as when enjoying boating ina beautiful lake with your near and dear ones. Usually small sized sailboats are used.

Freshwater Boating for Fishing: This is a boating activity which is done on a major scale around the world. The boating industry has specially developed freshwater fishing boat designs which offer greatest advantage when fishing for different types of fishes such as trout, etcetera, salmon etc. Water Sport Boats or Skiboats: These are very high powered boat s designed for those boating activities where a participant is towed behind the boat such as waterskiing and skurfing.

Storage and Safety:

The smaller boats can be moved with hands or by lashing them on the top of a vehicle. The smaller boats can be stored at home and carried to the water with the help of boat trailers etc. For larger boats, marinas, a dock for small yachts and cabin cruisers are used. They provide a mooring protected from the weather and a variety of support services, such as fuel, equipment are also available there. Since boating is a leisurely and recreational activity, it is best enjoyed in comparatively calm and protected waters during good weather. The conditions can change rapidly, and a small vessel can get into life-threatening situations. Therefore, it is very important to keep an inventory of safety gear onboard every boat. The safety measures and equipments depend upon the size of the boat and how it is powered.

• A life saving jacket or personal flotation devices, PFD for everybody
boating. • Navigation lights suitable for the type of boat operation
• The visual distress signals devise which is effective for both day and night
• Some sound making devices which can produce hio h volume sounds if and when required.
• fire extinguishers
• A booklet of the Inland Rules of the Road
• Extra fuel in case of oil discharge.
Marine Batteries