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Water Gymnastics

Compared to other water sports, water gymnastics are a lighter form of exercise. Comprised of conditioning and strengthening exercises done in the water, it is an excellent form of cardiovascular training. Gymnastics in water utilizes ones own body, water resistance and a variety of equipment.

The exercises are effective and do not strain the joints. The workout increases the pulse and strengthens the muscles, besides having a positive effect on the blood vessels. The water's massaging effect helps in promoting blood circulation. It tones and purifies the skin tissue too. Cold water keeps the body active, while warm water promotes relaxation.

Researchers have discovered that Water gymnastics for pregnant women, aims at improving their general fitness and strengthening muscles. It also provides great relief to them form back pain, and relaxes them during pregnancy. Gymnastics in water for pregnant women take place in a swimming pool and that are specially designed for them.

Overall, Water gymnastics is a great water sport for all.

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